Accessoires Magiques was founded in 1985 and at that time started off by creating one-off custom gold and silver pieces. Eventually what was a basement production moved into a larger local and started working with metals which were easier to mass produce. Despite producing for larger markets Accessoires Magiques worked hard to stay true to the qualities that brought the company to the point it was at; good one on one service with clients and attention to detail. Eventually it was these qualities which defined the company.

Artisans trusted Accessoires Magiques for they knew through previous working relationships that we could manufacture their lines, while maintaining confidentiality. Today it is these long standing relationships which continue to strengthen the foundation of Accessoires Magiques and allow us to cater to a large variety of clients. Today we pride ourselves in being able to take any idea and bring it to life in the form of lapel pins, belt buckles, statuettes, jewelery parts and much more. We offer one on one service and promise to work hard with you to bring your projects to life.