We can take any design and create a real life three dimensional model usually within a week.

We have a roster of artists and the latest in 3-D model making technology to ensure that we can take your idea or logo and turn it into a physical piece as quickly as possible.


We can then take your model and move it into production right away. We cast all pieces in house in either pewter or zinc in the metal grade of your choice. After the casting process we keep your molds safely in an archive for future production. We guarantee the confidentiality of your projects and product.


Once the casting stage is over we offer our clients any finish they may want. We can finish your piece in almost any metal finish available and also offer epoxy painting and assembly services.


We can also ticket or pack your pieces so they are ready to be sold once delivered.


We encourage you to call or come by our factory at any time during our business hours if you have any questions regarding your projects. We are used to working with an artisan clientele with high standards and understand the importance of communication in getting your piece just the way you want it.